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Time is money! We at Texas Push Off understand that and know your industry demands an efficient labor force.

Our Patented design Zero-Labor Trash Removal System custom fits your existing trailer or comes fully-assembled for trash removal from a job site in a fraction of the time!


Save time to reallocate efficient use of your labor force and reduce costs to increase margins with each job!

We also offer Axels for utility trailers manufactured by Mr. Axles in 3.5K and 7K

Contact us today to book a demo and learn all about Texas Push Off products and services!


Pre-designed or Customized Options

We can custom-build our patented design to fit your needs. Just tell us what you want.


Already own a trailer? We can modify your trailer to fit our trash removal system.


Contact us for more information!

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Precision Fabrication

40 plus years of combined fabrication experience

We try to be as creative and crafty as possible. If you have a particular need, we'd love to talk to you directly to determine if we can be of help! Please reach out to us today for a chat about your special requests.

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Dialing a Number

Superior Service

40 plus years of combined fabrication experience

Our trailers come with a winch factory warranty.


We're here to support you if something goes wrong.


Please feel free to speak with us directly for more information on servicing your trailer.

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The Mission

Here we have a mission to become one of the top manufacturing companies in the nation, being recognized for the unique styles of our products. Our founder Manuel Sr. has 10 years of combined intellectual knowledge in the manufacturing industry, following other fields from assembly lines to management, with an additional 35+ years in business ownership.  

The Vision

We diligently work to become one of the most highly rated manufacturers, providing excellent service and goods to clients and dealers nationwide. As our team grows, we will strive for excellence to be a leader in our industry, becoming the fastest supplier of trailers to the market.  

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