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Push Off Utility Trailer
ZERO-LABOR Trash Removal System!! 

  • Save Time and Money!

  • Cut Labor Costs!​

  • Automatically unloads full trailer in under 2-minutes!

  • One Push of a Button Does it ALL!

  • Custom Build to your Specifications!

  • Enhance Effectiveness and Efficiency for Increased Productivity!

  • Custom fittings for any Utility Trailer!

  • Repair or Modify your Existing Utility Trailer

  • Durable Fabrication to meet your heavy-duty needs!

  • Unyielding Versatility! 

  • Battery Operated - Quick and Easy Hook Up!

  • Wireless or Cable Controller Option!

  • Proprietary Technology developed in West Texas!

  • Our Patented Design works hard so you don't have to!

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